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Organ Donor’s are Heroes

I will always campaign for Donor Families and I will always passionately advocate for the Donor Heroes each family represents.

I will work to raise awareness for and create the recognition the donor heroes and their families’s loved ones deserve.

Each year Australia recognises the nation's heroes through the Australia Day Awards and Queens/Kings Birthday Honours. Yet each year hundreds of heroes go unrecognised.

In 2022, 454 Australian's became heroes by giving life to their fellow Australians when their own journey had ended.

Another 247 became heroes when, after their mortal journey had come to an end, they offered themselves to save others but were let down by logistics or medical reasons.

In total 701 selfless Australian families offered the gift of life to save others, when confronted by tragedy of losing their own loved ones.

These families and the amazing people they represent through their lloved one's gift of life saving organ donation deserve recognition.

I am calling on all governments of Australia's great states and territories to immediately support measures to recognise the importance of Deceased Organ donation a Next of Kin Consent through the posthumous recognition of Deceased Organ Donors, past and future.

I am committed to supporting all families and everyone on this journey and so should all parliaments in Australia..

We celebrate the recipients with lavish sporting events and we recognise the people in medicine and the administration of the system that relies on the families and deceased people who donate their Tissue and Organs to save others.

Let's now recognise the heroes - the Donors and Their Families.

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