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Next of Kin Consent must become a focus!

FACT : In Australia, organ donation is only possible when the family of the deceased person consents to the gift being given.

Increasing Next of Kin Consent is critical to more lives being saved in Australia and the DonateLife team must start educating all families of their role in making organ donation possible before they are in an emergency or ICU waiting room 😥

Whilst we wait on the real 2023 numbers for organ donation in Australia, we need to realise unless we bring a focus on the families who make organ donation possible, tell their stories and allow them to talk about their loved ones life saving donation, consent rates will continue to fall from the high of 64% in 2018.

In 2022 whilst consent rates were 53.9% and sadly from the 701 families who said yes to their loved ones organs being donated the number of Donor HEROES was only 454. (Or just 35% of deceased people who died in the right way).

Of that number, only 170 were actually registered to be donors. That's a rate of just 13% of deceased individuals who died in the right way who became Donor Heroes.

Why The Australian Organ and Tissue Authority continues to spend millions on Professional Sporting Sponsorships, lavish sporting carnivals for a very small number of recipients and funneling hundreds of thousands in the charities for transplant recipients when Family groups of the deceased donor heroes operate with little of no support by comparison is mind blowing.

Since 2018 despite MILLIONS OF taxpayer dollars being invested into transplant recipients activities in Australia, there has been a decline in consent rates.

Any politicians who ignore these numbers without serious review or questioning of the OTA and their direction over the past 5 years is not fulfilling their duty to taxpayers.

In Parliament their duties include:

  • representing the views of the people in their electorate

  • debating and voting on bills – proposed laws

  • working on committeesthat examine important issues

  • meeting with team members to decide on party policy

  • scrutinising – closely examining – the work of the government

  • discussing issues of national and international importance.

Based on the results over 5 years the work of the OTA needs scrutiny as the issue of organ donation is of national importance.

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