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National Donor Families - Deceased Donor Honours List.

I am pleased to announce today that Transplant Advocacy is launching the National Donor Families - Deceased Donour Honours List.

As a recipient I am forever grateful to my donor hero family and my donor hero. I know nearly 💯 % of recipients and their families feel the same way.

Some people don’t like to think of organ donors as heroes but thankfully many do.

The decision a family must make, not just in Australia but in the USA, the UK and many countries just like Australia, when a loved one dies, is whether they will pass on the gift of life.

Thank you to the 701 Aussie families who said yes in 2022 and to all families world wide who gave the gift of life.

In some countries where consent rates by families are much higher than Australia they honour the donor family.

Like the UK who’s NHSBT and St John international award the Order of St John Medal to a deceased donor’s family.

At least 500 Australians missed out on life saving transplants because at their lowest moment of grief families who themselves faced loss, said no to the Gift of Life through donation of the deceased loved one’s organs.

Australia needs better Legislation Communication and Education supporting Next of Kin Consent and Donor Families.

With all of the taxpayer money spent on professional sporting clubs and sporting events for transplant recipients to raise awareness for Organ Donation, can’t we find some money to support our amazing donor families?

Transplant Advocacy will manage the Facebook Page where donor families will be able to freely post the stories of their Donor Heroes to celebrate the gift of life they have. All families will have control over the privacy settings of the posts that they make. The default settings will be

The National Deceased Donor's list will obey the rules and guidelines applicable to protect the privacy of all parties

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