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It’s a step in the right direction!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

When Organ Donation rates are falling year on year for three years and targets for registration through National Programs are reaching around 60% of their stated goals, it's time to change the way things are done!

Albert Einstein is attributed with the saying:-

Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results!

In 2012, as a part of the creation of national register, NSW took Registration for organ donation off Drivers Licences and relied on The Organ and Tissue Authority's national registration and campaigns to drive awareness for organ donation.

In the past ten years things have been going backwards.

Transplant Advocacy founder Rob Manning, a recipient of a life saving organ transplant, admits whilst he was a registered donor and was in need of a donation himself, 12 months ago he knew little more than that about the Transplant Journey.

However since he woke from a two week coma and a life saving operation in which he received the gift of life when a grieving family was asked to give their consent for the gift of life, Rob has become a forever grateful recipient and a passionate advocate for raising awareness for Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplants.

Rob has worked with politicians and administrators across Australia who hold the key to improving the lives of people on the Transplant Journey.

Sometimes he causes waves, when people who have been on the journey longer than him think he is acting impulsively, challenging them and others to think differently. That's on them not him! His actions in just 10 short months have brought about significant changes and increased awareness for the importance of changes required in Organ Donation.

One such change is the NSW Government's decision to introduce a link between the ServiceNSW app and the DonateLife National Organ and Tissue Registry..

As of 15 November 2022, 5.5 million Australians living in NSW will be prompted to become Organ and Tissue Donors, in what could possibly be the largest ever coordinated effort to reverse the trend of decline in the State's and even Australia's history.

Whilst this is just one of the things Rob has achieved working and advocating with politicians, it is a step in the right direction and the start of a conversation with 5.5 million NSW people about organ donation.

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