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Writing to Parliamentarians

I recently wrote to over 200 parliamentarians about a need to review a long-standing but failing approach to allocation of funds for raising awareness and consent rates for Organ Donation.

Dear Parliamentarians,

In advocating for the advancement of organ donation initiatives in Australia, I urge a reconsideration of resource allocation towards educating families about their pivotal role in facilitating organ donation.

While promotional efforts through professional sports clubs and extravagant sporting events for recipients may attract attention, the true essence of organ donation lies in securing the consent of grieving families.

Families, often grappling with the emotional aftermath of tragedy, find themselves navigating decisions that hold profound consequences for the lives of others. A strategic focus on family education ensures individuals are well-informed about organ donation, transcending the initial shock of unexpected loss.

This approach fosters awareness, empathy, and understanding, dispelling myths and addressing concerns that may impede the crucial process of obtaining consent.

An informed public is more likely to initiate conversations about their preferences with their families, alleviating the burden on grieving loved ones who might be unaware of their wishes.

Empowering families with knowledge transforms them into advocates for organ donation within their communities, creating a sustainable impact.

In contrast, allocating resources to extravagant events risks overshadowing the core issue—the indispensable role of families in the donation process.

Redirecting funding towards continuous educational initiatives ensures a lasting impact, cultivating a culture of understanding and compassion around organ donation, making it a natural and accepted choice within society.

As a grateful recipient, I am passionate about this cause, recognising that without the compassionate consent of deceased persons' families, many of us would not have survived.

Pertinent questions must be raised regarding the priorities of the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority (OTA) in its funding allocations. Transplant Australia's substantial spending on salaries and sporting events, coupled with a decline in consent rates, warrants a critical evaluation of the current approach.

I implore your support in scrutinising the performance of the OTA and the allocation of taxpayer funds for national and international travel for executives of non-profit organisations and government departments.

The current trajectory calls for a reevaluation to ensure that taxpayer money is effectively utilised to promote organ donation and transplant awareness.

I trust you will take the points I have made seriously and consider a possible course of action that will bring about a positive increase in the rates of family consent and organ donation.


Robert Manning

Forever grateful recipient and passionate Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplant Awareness Advocate

Founder and Senior Advocate,

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