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Why don’t we honour real Heroes?

On ANZAC DAY, take the time to reflect on what heroism is.

Saving the lives of others selflessly is one definition.

This year the head of the OTA received an OAM for her services to Organ and Tissue Donation.

Now that Australia has hosted the Olympic Sanctioned World Transplant Games attended by around 160 Australian adult transplant recipients ranging from Heart and Lung to bone marrow and stem cells, will the organisers of the $4m plus extravaganza that will have minimal lasting impact on increasing organ and tissue donation and transplants, nominate themselves for Australia Day or King’s Birthday Day honours in recognition of their achievements in advancing organ and tissue donation awareness?

The real heroes like the Deceased Donors, Their Families who say YES when asked for #nextofkinconsent and the over 400 volunteers who made the games work will go unrecognised.

In the UK the NHSBT posthumously award the ORDER OF St JOHN Medal to the families of deceased donors

Why in Australia, when we are hesitant to acknowledge the true donor heroes, would anyone who earns a six figure salary with numerous other perks and benefits want that sort recognition for doing a job they are already paid to do?

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