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When you rattle chains and shake trees those who enjoy the status quo can become uncomfortable.

The overwhelming majority of people I have met on my journey have been open to fresh thinking supported by research, data and reason. Appreciation, of my lived experience and my passion for making an impact through collaboration, is by far the most common response to my advocacy.

I have engaged in meaningful discussions with charities, recipients, living donors, families of deceased donor heroes, governments and various agencies across Australia. I have had positive feedback from people around the world.

Every now and then, I get the sense my challenge to the status quo makes some people uncomfortable. When the advocacy of a passionate recipient, who is empathetic towards Deceased Donor Families & who engages with medical professionals and clinicians, results in significant achievements some people seem to feel threatened.

My journey is only just starting and 14 months on, my knowledge of the Transplant journey for so many is continuing to improve. My chain rattling and tree shaking will continue as I strive to get greater support for #Nextofkinconsent & #organdonationawareness .

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