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Wheels are in motion

Updated: May 2, 2023

After a year of advocacy experiencing some amazing achievements through my work, I am proud to be on a new path to bring transparency and inclusion to the sector.

I have seen some wonderful people doing incredible work with the best of intentions. Donor Families who had suffered tragic loss yet found the grace to give Next of Kin Consent. Then, who found the strength to still campaign tirelessly to encourage others to donate their loved ones should they be thrust into a similar situation.

I have met people who give selflessy to assist people who are at all different stages of the Transplant journey. Giving their time and resources to spread a message or help people with the challenges.

Unfortunately I have also encountered people who are not doing the right thing. The wheels were set in motion some time ago but due to the actions of a few, today represents the day the rubber officially hit the road. A spotlight is coming for people who choose to intimidate, bully and threaten others who have different views.

Stay tuned for updates.

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