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What will 2024 bring?

I won't make any resolutions for 2024; instead, I'll share my predictions.

Why? For me, it's the third year since my life was miraculously saved by a family's love and compassion, allowing their loved one's organs to be donated and save multiple lives.

In the first two years, I've forged new relationships, learned valuable lessons, and acquired skills and knowledge to fulfill a promise to my late Dad.

During my 14-day coma, he appeared, emphasising the importance of regular check-ups and advocating for organ donation reform. Whilst he had been gone for nearly 6 years, his presence to me was real and messages profound and inspiring. He told me "Rob, you're not 6 feet tall and bulletproof like you thought you were. If you had seen a GP sooner you would not be in this mess. So when you get out of here and you will you've got work to do. Tell everyone you know to see their doctor regularly & you need to work with politicians to fix organ donation because the system is broken."

Upon waking, my first inclination was to contact the federal Assistant Minister for Regional Health before initiating a broader advocacy effort by reaching out to Health Ministers, Premiers, and elected representatives to address three key areas: Legislation, Education, and Communication.

Initially, I collaborated with the Organ & Tissue Authority (OTA), Transplant Australia, and various charities, motivated by early positive interactions. As a vocal advocate, I pursued goals aligned with their priorities, fostering constructive relationships and discussions. I very quickly recognised that certain areas fell within the OTA's expertise, so I applied my extensive business acumen to comprehend issues and propose solutions.

This led to the OTA minimising communication with me and attempting to counteract my advocacy rather than continuing collaboration.

Despite this, in NSW, I achieved success with two consecutive parliaments establishing and maintaining a Parliamentary Friendship Group for Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplant Awareness.

Notable initiatives achieved through this included leveraging digital apps for statewide conversations on Organ Donation and introducing amendments to the Human Tissue Act to facilitate Antemortem Intervention.

Substantial progress has been made in WA and SA regarding posthumous recognition of deceased donors, empowering their families to share stories and raise Organ Donation awareness.

I was invited to and made contributions to Victoria and Western Australia Parliamentary Enquiries, which were well-received and appreciated by these influential groups.

My engagement with State and Federal MPs has been remarkably successful, with over 300 politicians across the spectrum showing interest in the crucial role families or Next of Kin play in deciding to donate a deceased loved one's organs, regardless of the deceased person's registration status. Additionally, there is widespread concern about the allocation of taxpayer money towards professional sporting sponsorships and events for recipients, rather than prioritising education and support for unsuspecting families crucial to increasing donations.

All that I have achieved in Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplant Awareness has been done in parallel to other key aspects of my life.

Rebuilding the relationship with my wife and son, almost lost along with my life through illness.

Taking a passionate interest in my local community by running Art in the Park as a part of the Lakes Festival and being an active member of the Killarney Vale Football Club as a player and active club volunteer. Volunteering for the Central Coast Local Health District and Newcastle University Dementia and Palliative Care Working Group.

Participating in the Central Coast ChangeMaker program and receiving a grant to conduct the Tuggerah Lakes Estuaries Stormwater Trial has led to the amazing opportunity to participate in the growth of an innovative environmentally sustainable circular economy-focused business taking Australian ingenuity to the world.

🌐 So To My Exciting Predictions for 2024!

🚀 1. Brace yourselves for seismic shifts at the helm of Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplant Awareness in Australia! 🫀 Big changes are on the horizon, promising advancements in saving lives.

2. Get ready for a green revolution Down Under! 🌿 An Australian environmentally sustainable company is set to transform how we tackle oil spills, manage stormwater, and mine rare earth minerals. Innovation meets sustainability!

3. Optimism prevails! 🌍 Predicting a world marked by peace through strength and compassion. Let's envision a future where unity and empathy guide our global path. 🕊️ #BrightFuture #2023Predictions

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