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What motivates Transplant Recipients?

Every organ recipient, I have ever met, has a desire to lead a healthy life in honour of their donor.

Each morning we know how lucky we are to wake up and continue to battle whatever life throws at us.

The World Transplant Games were a lot of fun and I met some wonderful people who had amazing stories and there were people who achieved some impressive personal milestones.

After attending the world transplant games, I am more convinced than ever, that taxpayer and sponsor money would have been better spent on other initiatives to raise awareness and increase the rates of donation.

Things like research into making more organs viable for transplant or providing support services and information to patients at each stage of the transplant journey.

Every recipient, who I have ever met, doesn’t need the incentive of a multi million dollar Olympic sanctioned sporting carnival to lead a healthy life. We just need the sun to come up.

All law makers and those responsible for public funds need to ask more questions about the effectiveness of investments to improve organ Donation in Australia.

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