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What is wrong?

What aren’t DonateLife telling us?

Organ Donation can only take place in Australia with Next of Kin Consent!

That means, even if you register as an organ donor and die in the right way, you can only become a Donor Hero if your loved ones say yes when asked by the doctors.

Australia already has OPT OUT donation because the only time your family will not be asked, is if you check the box not to be a donor!

Each year the federal government spends millions of tax payers dollars to get people to register and despite claiming 50,000 new registrations the total number of registered Australians only increased around 19500 during #DonateLifeWeek.

For the last 6 years consent rates for donation have continued to fall nationally from about 64% in 2018 to just 54% in 2022.

Something has to change!

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