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What can a change in government mean for Organ and Tissue Donation in NSW?

There is no doubt that in 2022 there was wide cross bench support for a review of the NSW 2012 Plan to increase Organ Donation

The 57th Parliament was the first to form a friendship group for Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplant Awareness. A jointly chaired group formed to provide a focus on the legislative, educational and communications priorities needed to improve the rates of transplant in NSW.

The new Chris Minns lead government stands well positioned to deliver on the momentum created through the efforts of the Friends Group and introduce changes that will make a significant impact on the lives of so many people in NSW.

The 58th Parliament can continue to support the review of an outdated plan and provide support to the families of those deceased donors whom without their consent more lives would be lost.

NSW can now become the first state to introduce posthumous recognition of Deceased Persons who save the lives of others when their families say yes to the gift of life through organ and tissue donations.

NSW could significantly increase the number of families who say yes when asked for consent by making a contribution to the deceased donors funeral and providing support and grief counseling for their families.

NSW could also make conversations about the importance of talking openly about why it is so important for all of us to talk about organ donation before a small few will be confronted with having to make a decision in their deepest moments of grief.

I hope to work closely with the elected representatives of all parties in the 58th NSW Parliament to make changes to Legislation, Education and Communications to save more lives in NSW.

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