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Western Australia reviews Organ and Tissue Donation system.

On 13 February 2023 the Standing Committee on Public Administration resolved to establish an inquiry into organ and tissue donation in Western Australia.

The Committee will inquire into and report on:

a. the effectiveness of the current model for organ and tissue donation in Western Australia

b. issues impacting organ and tissue donation rates in Western Australia c. opportunities to improve organ and tissue donation rates in Western Australia

d. any other matters considered relevant by the Committee-

To assist the Parliament they invited submissions from the public.

Transplant Advocacy provided a number of Initiatives for the Inquiry to address.

a) Opt in versus Opt Out (registered consent versus deemed consent)

b) Absolute Consent

c) Next of Kin Consent

d) Drivers Licence Registration

i) Electronic Registration via WA Portals e) Other Initiatives to consider.

i) Posthumous Recognition of Deceased Donor Status

ii) Amendments to the Privacy Section 34c of the HTTA Act

iii) Hospital processes procedures and reporting

(1) Clinician education in empathy and next of kin communications.

iv) Community Education across all ages.

(1) Support for Awareness beyond OTA DonateLife week

v) Harmonisation of HTTA with other organ and tissue and transplant

legislation across Australia

vi) Capped contribution to Funeral expenses for Deceased Donor


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