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Unveiling the Real Challenges in Organ Donation

A Call for Change!

"Some people say 'don't just talk about the problem, provide a solution.' Well, for two years, I have."

The Australian Organ and Tissue Authority (AOTA) has been at the helm as consent rates for organ donation have steadily declined over the past five years. Despite substantial investments in campaigns, sports sponsorships, and recipient activities, the critical consent rate by families of deceased donors has taken a worrying nosedive.

Discovering that a loved one was registered to donate used to mean a 10% chance of a family saying no, but now that figure has almost doubled to nearly 20%. The overall rate of families declining has risen from 36% to a concerning 46%, and the number of donors from eligible cases has dropped from 58% to a mere 38%.

In this grim scenario, more people are passing away, more families are rejecting donation, and even when they agree, fewer individuals become donors.

Shockingly, in 2022, out of 701 families that said yes, only 454 ended up as donors.

The registration process is also flawed, with a meager 170 out of the 454 donors in 2022 being on the official register.

The Solution:

1. Harmonise Legislation Across Australia: Streamline the legal framework to remove unnecessary barriers and ensure consistency in organ donation protocols nationwide.

2. Educate on the Critical Role of Families: Shift the narrative to emphasise the crucial role families play in making organ donation possible. Provide support, empathy, and resources to guide families through this challenging decision-making process before they are confronted with the reality in an emergency situation.

3. Communicate Transparently: Foster a culture of transparency and clarity in communicating organ donation processes to the Australian public. Address misconceptions and highlight the real impact of individual choices.

Tagging key figures in the advocacy and legislative landscape, including @DonateLife, @GedKearney, @SenatorAnneRuston, @DrDavidGillespieMP, @AnikaWells, @ShannonFentimanMP, @PeterMalinauskas, @NicolaCentofantiMLC, @ChrisMinns, @ChrisPictonMP.

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