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Things are happening & more can still be done………

In at least 3 Parliaments across Australia changes are being proposed and implemented.

There are amazing well intentioned people working hard every day to improve this sector. They exist in every Australian Parliament, in the OTA and in Transplant Australia. They are in hospitals and clinics across Australia.

Community minded folk are out there supporting individuals and families at every stage of the transplant journey - some with government support and others doing it voluntarily with their own resources and contributions from generous donations.

What I have quickly understood is that funding for Pre and Post Transplant Patients, Donor Family support and education of the public is not delivering the results that are needed.

Questions need to be asked and it is not an easy challenge for anyone on the transplant journey.

* Why in the last three years have deceased donation and life saving transplants fallen? (Hint it is not just COVID-19)

* What is the correlation between registration of organ donors and actual levels of Next of Kin Consent?

* Do Donor Families consistently receive the support they need?

* Do Transplant recipients receive the support required to be able to live productive lives after their transplant?

My passion is doing what I can to raise awareness for Organ & Tissue Donation and Transplants. I do all of my advocacy voluntarily utilising my 38 years of business and lived experience as a forever grateful recipient. I just want everyone who needs a transplant to have the same opportunity I was blessed with and every donor family to be able to celebrate and commemorate their loved one's selfless gift of life.

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