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There are some amazing charities in the Organ and Tissue Donation Space.

These remarkable organisations are just a few among many dedicated to supporting individuals throughout their transplant journey. Over the past two years, I've witnessed firsthand the incredible generosity of those who tirelessly contribute their time, resources, and advocacy efforts to raise awareness for organ donation.

Despite limited funding from the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority, these individuals and groups selflessly give, offering hope and assistance to countless individuals in need.

Questions arise when certain charities receive disproportionately large sums of government funding, particularly when their services focus primarily on sports achievements, while volunteer-operated organisations rely on community donations to provide crucial support. The Federal Assistant Minister for Health & Aged Care and the CEO of the OTA should address these discrepancies.

Furthermore, scrutiny is warranted when a single charity receives more funding than the entire $400,000 allocated for the Community Engagement Group.

Similarly, when professional sports clubs receive more funding than the Community Engagement Group collectively, it raises concerns.

Attempts to seek clarification on these matters, as well as inquiries into the allocation of resources toward an inefficient registration system and efforts to reintroduce registration on driver's licenses, have been met with dismissive responses.

Despite persistent efforts to engage constructively, the overwhelming focus one individual's correspondence (80 emails over 2 years) has been cited as a barrier to effectively delivering on the Government's National Organ Donation Program.

Over the past two years, my personal advocacy efforts have yielded notable achievements, including:

- Receipt of acknowledgment from the WA Chief Health Officer and WA Health Minister, indicating no public interest in prosecuting families sharing their loved ones' donor stories under the HTTA.

- Establishment of the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Organ and Tissue Authority & Transplant Awareness, along with the WA Parliamentary Friends of Organ Donation.

- Implementation of Antemortem Intervention Amendments to the NSW Human Tissue Act and Private and Confidential Information Amendments to the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority Act.

- Launch of a digital tile on the Services NSW App, resulting in significant website visits and organ donation registrations.

- Further campaigns through the Service NSW App.

- Deliberations regarding Special Order of Honour Award for Posthumous Recognition of Deceased Donor Heroes at both state and national levels.

- Consideration of Deemed Consent and Absolute Consent legislation for organ donation by NSW Independent Members of Parliament, as well as review of hospital reporting and organ donation procedures.

- Potential national review of Human Organ and Tissue Legislation by the Attorney General to harmonize state legislation.

- Introduction of Donation December program, facilitating organ donation awareness among businesses and community groups.

- Participation in the Western Australian Parliamentary Enquiry and Victorian Parliamentary Enquiry to enhance organ donation initiatives.

While proud of these accomplishments, I acknowledge there's more work ahead. My journey, marked by a life-saving transplant and unwavering commitment to ethical conduct, led me to resign from Transplant Australia due to concerns about the national executive's questionable behavior. As Groucho Marx famously quipped, "I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members!" My resignation reflects my dedication to upholding integrity, even in challenging circumstances.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity for me to continue my unwavering commitment to make it possible for every Australian to get a second chance and the families and others who Make it possible to receive the recognition and acknowledgment as the Heroes they are.

If you have read this far please tell everyone you know to "have the conversation with their loved ones they will never forget but pray they never have to remember!" Say yes to a loved one becoming A DONOR HERO of tragedy strikes! Hope and good will prevail.🙏

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