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The Truth is Out


The Australian Organ and Tissue Authority have posted on Social media today confirming Australia already operates an OPT OUT Organ and Tissue Donation Program.

Now they must explain why MILLIONS of Taxpayer Dollars have been directed to Expensive Ad Campaigns, Professional Sporting Clubs, Elaborate Sports Carnivals for recipients and a registration system that has resulted in only 38% of Deceased Organ Donors actually being registered.

Western Australia and Victoria are holding parliamentary enquires to explore ways to increase organ donation including considering the process of Opting in versus Opting out.

Realistically Australia is already an OPT OUT system with Families of deceased individuals having the final option to choose whether their loved one will become a deceased organ donor or simply just die too soon.

As Donatelife state in the post and deep in the collateral they produce, A common misconception is that once you register to be an organ donor you will definitely become one.

In Australia, families are always asked to consent or say yes to donation before it occurs, even if the patient is registered.

The TRUTH is the only time they are not asked is if the deceased individual has used the Organ Register to OPT OUT!

This is why it’s so important to have a conversation with your family to let them know you would like to be a donor.

Telling your family you want to be an organ donor is so much more important than registering and it will make the decision for them consenting for your organ donation that little bit easier because they will know exactly what you would have wanted. Let your family know your decision today.

Politicians must step up and review the way organ donation is been handled at a federal level and bring the states together. Money is wasted and lives lost.

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