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The cost of Sports Carnivals to raise awareness for Organ and Tissue Donation.

What have I learned at the World Transplant Games? #priceless

I have learned that some people have been on extraordinary journeys of heartbreak and sadness, that have been softened though altruistic acts of love and kindness.

I have learned that Donor Families of Deceased Organ Donors are some of the most generous and supportive people you will ever meet.

I have learned that, whilst no single family sets out to become a deceased organ donor family, those who are tragically thrust into a decision when a loved one is lost can find comfort in knowing their loved ones loss saved others.

I have learned that many attending the games had no idea of the expense associated with such an event, or that such an event was taking place.

Pehaps the single biggest lesson I have learned from being here, getting involved in all aspects of the carnival, is the spirit of love, compassion, generosity and human decency did not come from expensive venues, elaborate lighting and music or fancy advertising - it came from human interaction which like a famous credit card once claimed is “Priceless”

When the Federal Government looks back on its $1.6m investment through DonateLife (the OTA) surely some questions will need to be answered.


Did we see a noticeable increase in the rate of NEXT OF KIN CONSENT?

Unless the answers to both questions are Yes & there is a very noticeable increase in both measures, surely the large amount of funding to Transplant Australia as a partner would need to be scrutinised and future funding significantly reduced.

Perhaps funding would be better directed to research and better messaging.

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