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Thank you doesn’t seem enough

I found this letter from a recipient to their donor hero family and wanted to share it.

To my Donor Family

I have just about reached 600 extra days of life because of your selflessness and compassion.

The decision you made to give the necessary next of kin consent at the moment you did, saved my life and I am sure the lives of others.

I can never say thank you enough or replace the loved one you lost but I can ensure that the second chance you gave me, when my mortal journey almost came to a catastrophic end only to be saved by a miraculous transplant, will be used to make a difference for many others.

When you chose to say yes, you set in motion a chain reaction that has already had a profound impact on so many people’s life across the country. Thanks to the gift of life you gave there are changes being made in parliaments around our nationa and in the messaging around the important role families have in Organ Donation.

My purpose is to use the selfless gift you gave to advocate passionately to recognise deceased donors and their families and to educate unsuspecting families on how they too can find hope and some sense of reason by gifting life to others.

My wife and son are thankful for your loved one’s gift and your kindness. Together we will work in our community and others to make the world a better place and all that is achieved will have been made possible through your gift.

Thank you.


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