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It will be 690 days since a stranger's family saved my life when their loved one's mortal journey had ended.

Sunday, November 19th, marks a day of profound gratitude, a day when the recipients and their cherished families and friends gather to express their heartfelt THANK YOU. This day, known as DonateLife Thank You Day, is a celebration of life, compassion, and the remarkable heroes and their families who selflessly give the gift of life.

It's a powerful reminder that the decision to become an organ and tissue donor hinges on a simple conversation within your family. With their consent, you can be a beacon of hope for others in their darkest hour.

Even if you've never officially registered, it's vital to convey your heartfelt wish to your loved ones. Should tragedy strike and your earthly journey is cut short, your family has the power to transform grief into a legacy of life by granting consent for the selfless act of organ donation. The gift of life is in their hands – only they can say YES.

This DonateLife Thank You Day, let's unite in the spirit of giving, celebrating the heroes who give and the families who support this life-affirming cause.

DATA - Donation and Transplant Advocacy

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