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Secrecy, and avoidance can not hide the truth forever.

The Perils of Ignorance: Boards, Responsibilities, and the Pursuit of Truth

In the intricate web of organisational dynamics, the role of board members is often considered a pinnacle of authority and decision-making.

However, the fascinating aspect emerges when some individuals, upon assuming these elevated positions, seem to believe they are immune to the imperative of truth and transparency.

This blog delves into the ramifications of being oblivious or deliberately ignorant to issues, exploring why some people perceive elevation to a board or chair role as a shield against accountability in 2023.

Boards, regardless of the institution they govern, bear a profound responsibility in steering the organisation toward success. This responsibility inherently involves the commitment to truth and transparency. It's a common understanding that a board member's awareness of issues or concerns within the organisation is not just advisable but crucial. Whether these issues are perceived or real, acknowledging and addressing them becomes paramount. Failure to do so not only undermines the integrity of the organisation but also renders board members as liable as the perpetrators themselves.

The allure of a board position lies not only in the prestige it carries but also in the power to influence the course of an organisation . However, this elevation should not be synonymous with immunity from the realities within. Boards are meant to be the guardians of an organisation's values, ensuring that it operates ethically, transparently, and in the best interest of its stakeholders.

Willful ignorance or turning a blind eye to issues within an organization can have severe repercussions. It creates a breeding ground for malpractices, allowing problems to fester unchecked. Board members, in their elevated roles, must recognize that their duty extends beyond the boardroom discussions and into the very fabric of the organisation they govern.

The year 2023 demands a higher standard of accountability.

Organisations are increasingly scrutinised not just for their financial performance but for their ethical conduct and social responsibility. Boards must be at the forefront of championing these values. Elevating oneself above the need for truth and transparency not only jeopardises the organisation's standing but erodes the trust of stakeholders, including employees, investors, and the public.

In conclusion, the elevation to a board or chair of a board role should not be a shield against acknowledging and addressing issues. Instead, it should amplify the commitment to uphold the principles of truth and transparency. The ramifications of ignorance are far-reaching, affecting not only the credibility of the organisation but also the of those entrusted with its governance. In the intricate dance of organisational leadership, embracing truth is not just a virtue but a necessity for a board member in 2023.

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