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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Today I had what I truly see as an amazing opportunity to work with some very positive people to fast track the introduction of Digital Registration of organ donor intent and other initiatives to promote awareness of organ and organ tissue donation and transplants in South Australia.

South Australia still allows residents to register their intent to be an organ donor when applying or modifying their drivers license.

Currently SA has legislation before parliament to make posthumous recognition of deceased donors possible in South Australia which is widely supported across the chambers.

The introduction of this legislation will pave the way for South Australia to lead the country in Recognition of Deceased Donors and provide deeper support to Deceased Donor Families.

From today it is apparent that the importance of donor families in increasing numbers positively, is compassionately understood in SA.

There are a number of initiatives I put forward to be considered to drive rates of families saying yes to giving the gift of life through consent to a loved one’s donation.

1. Formalisation of Posthumous Recognition through Births, Deaths and Marriages.

2. The introduction of Digital registration of Organ and Tissue donation through the MySAGov App.

3. Consideration of additional psychological and grief support for Donor Families

4. The SA Deceased Donors Awards and Honour Roll.

5. Financial Institution to deceased organ donor funerals.

A longer term plan needs to be considered for a wider review of the Transplant and Anatomy Act

But the initiatives 1 through 5 are easily achievable through the DPC working with Health and Infrastructure and with the will of the parliament in this the year of the 40th anniversary of the

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