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Our way or no way!

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

When did over 2000 Aussies registering to be organ donors and over 50,000 people visiting Donatelife to check their organ donation intent status become a nuisance?

When it was an initiative from someone other than Donatelife, without direct costs to them or need to spend additional budget to achieve.

In October 2022, the then Customer Service Minister, Victor Dominello, proposed and then delivered a revolutionary and innovative promotion as a proof of concept to demonstrate the effectiveness of digital services and apps to drive awareness and registration.

In November 2022 over 55,000 people in NSW interacted with a tile on the Service NSW app and follow up email to check their organ donation status or register as an organ donor.

Despite it being a spontaneous promotion that was both effective and measurable, it has been viewed by the OTA as a nuisance. Rather than drive the initiative forward OTA have bogged the initiative down and seem to be preventing further use of the app in NSW and similar Apps in other states so they can claim the initiative as their own.

We are in trouble when positive initiatives are met with subdefuge and undermining because they were not hatched in the ivory tower of absolute knowledge and control.

May politicians continue to listen to people with lived experience and non pecuniary interests in achieving growth in #nextofkinconsent rates in Australia.

"Coincidentally", NSW increased Next of Kin Consent in 2022 to 55% placing it ahead of the national rate of 54%.

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