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Myths and Facts

MYTH: by registering to be a donor you WILL save up to seven lives when you die!

FACT: more than 80000 Australians die in hospitals every year and yet only around 1300 die in circumstances that make it possible to be an organ donor.

MYTH: I’m registered as a donor, so if I do die in the right circumstances I will definitely become an organ donor.

FACT: Whether you have registered or not, if you die in the right circumstances, your family will be asked to give consent and can say no if they want. (47% of families said no in 2022).

MYTH: Spending money on ad campaigns getting people to register will ensure more donors.

FACT: In 2022, fewer families said yes to consenting for their loved one’s organs to be donated, resulting in fewer deceased Organ Donors than in 2017/18/19 & 2020.

At a time when the economy is struggling and there are people in need, why is so much taxpayer money being used to get people to register their intention to be an organ donor?

Also why is so much money provided by way of grants for recipients (who have already benefited from a life saving transplant) to participate in sports programs, when so little is spent on education and communication about the need for Next of Kin Consent or support to donor families without whom organ transplants are not possible?

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