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More than just Advocacy.

As a part of my recovery on my Transplant Journey, I am blessed to receive regular checkins from an experienced counsellor as well as my transplant team.

Today my wonderful counsellor reminded me that it is only 11 months since I was near death, in a coma and waiting for a lifesaving transplant in the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

I was excitedly sharing the amazing progress my advocacy had contributed to.


  1. The formation of the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplant Awareness

  2. NSW agreeing to review the Increasing Organ Donation Awareness Plan 2012.

  3. A letter from the Chief Health Officer in Western Australia to DonateLife, Donor Families and Transplant Australia confirming Donor Families can celebrate without being prosecuted under the HTTA.

  4. The Western Australian government agreeing to review their HTTA with a view of harmonising it with other states.

  5. South Australia introducing a bill to allow families to celebrate their loved ones with out being prosecuted under their TAA

  6. The introduction of the Sercices NSW app to 5.5milkion users.

  7. Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland considering the introduction of a digital link from state based service apps to the National Register and reviewing their legislation to reintroduce driver's license registrations.

  8. Promoting Organ Donation on Nine National News, Bar TV and NBN Television as well as on ABC Radio.

  9. Successfully submitting Grant applications for multiple charities.

  10. Preparing to participate in the 2023 World Transplant Games as an athlete and volunteer.

When I was reminded that the first 12 months should be about recovery and focusing on life balance.

I explained how my passion is to drive awareness but I am blessed with balance.

This year I have also joined the Killarney Vale Football Club meeting some great people and forming good friendships along the way. I participated in the Central Coast Council's ChangeMakers22 program successfully being awarded grants for Art in the Park & The Tuggerah Lakes and Estuaries Stormwater Trial Project. Both projects aimed at improving out local environment through messaging and action.

I have a beautiful wife, an amazing son, two loyal dogs and great friends in my life who keep me real and balanced.

I was reminded that "as important" the work that I do PRO BONO is, my health and family should be my focus.

I know the trees I have been shaking and the chains I have been rattling are getting results. My life is more than just advocacy and my journey and drive for changes has only just started.

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