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More myths and facts

Myth: Australia operates an opt in organ donation system.

Fact: In Australia if you die in the “right circumstances”, and you have been identified as a potential organ donor, whether you have registered or not, Your next of kin will be asked to consent to your organs been donated to save the lives of strangers.

1300 Families of people who were identified as potential organ donors were asked to give consent to donate organs in 2022.

2 out of 10 families of registered donors said NO whilst 4 out of 10 families who’s loved one was not a registered donor said YES.

701 Families opted in whilst

599 Families opted out by saying no when asked.

Myth: I’ve signed up to be a donor, so when I die I will save others.

Fact: Whether you become an organ donor is dependent upon so many factors. The most critical factor once you have died in the right way is your family consenting to donate.

A majority of the people who became organ donors in 2022 were not registered on the OTA donor register.

They were either adults who had not registered or were children who can not register but who’s families said yes.

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