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Monthly Stats show no increase

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Anyone who cares about organ and tissue donation in Australia needs to be across these monthly reports from ANZDATA.

Sadly, even though, DonateLife spent around $1800 per Australian Transplant Participant & The Federal department of Sport approximately

another $3000 per Australian attendee, the World Transplant Games didn’t move the needle on the rates of either donation rates or #nextofkinconsent rates.

$1.6m of tax payers money spent with underwhelming results.

The total cost to Australia was in excess of $4,000,000

How long do we need to keep putting taxpayer money toward events and activities that do not deliver real results?

6/6/20233 was World Transplant Day!

It is a special day for those in our community who have received organ and tissue donations to remember the incredible gift they have received.

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