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Mental Health affects everyone!

2 years ago today I visited my GP.

When he said "you're a sick man, why are you here to see me", I could only answer that it was because my beautiful wife suggested as it had been 20 years since I visited a GP it would be a good idea.

At that point, I thought I was 6 feet tall and bullet proof. I wasn't.. Time in Hospital and many tests later, I was confronted with the news, that without a transplant I would be dead within 12 month!

That's a hard thing to take on board and I have no problem admitting I experienced some very dark moments after hearing that news.

I had a loving family and the amazing support of psychologists and counseling from some wonderful people to help me through.

My passion is Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplant Awareness raising but a big part of the journey for the critically ill, those awaiting a transplant, the recipients of life saving transplants and the families of Deceased Donors are always in my thoughts.

Each and every traveler on the Transplant journey will at different times be challenged. Each and every traveler will react to challenges differently. Mental Health is real and we should all look out for our loved ones and friends. It's ok to talk about things.

I had the pleasure of hosting Clash of the Codes at Adelaide Street Oval today and was delighted to have Emma McBride The Assistant Minister for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention give her support by attending and speaking to the people young and old in attendance.

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