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It’s Time to recognise Donor heroes⏰


The role of amazing donor families has been acknowledged by the Assistant Minister.

Now the legislation is in place it is time to recognise deceased donors and their families as the hero’s they are!

Like we honour people who do amazing things in Australia Day Awards and Kings Birthday Honours, we should honor deceased donors like the UK do with the Order of St John Medal.

In Parliament Ged Kearney stated:-

“With this consent from the family, this information about the respective deceased donor or recipient can then be included in community awareness and educational activities, and in remembrance services for families to commemorate their family member.

The sharing of these experiences is invaluable, as it:

  • creates greater understanding among the community of organ and tissue donation and the significant impact it can have in saving and improving lives;

  • generates discussion among and encourages Australians to register their intent to be a donor at the end of their life; and

  • can provide comfort to individuals and families who may be faced with making this decision in the future.

The disclosure of this information is restricted to the functions of the Organ and Tissue Authority and DonateLife staff and purposes of the activities as defined in this bill.

It is important to note that these amendments are not intended to facilitate direct contact between donor families and organ and tissue recipients.

Governments intend to protect the right of both donor families and transplant recipients to remain anonymous.”

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