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It’s been an amazing year!

It has been 12 months since I went to Royal North Shore Hospital for a routine procedure on the path to getting onto the "Transplant" List.

What should have been a day or less in hospital turned into a 7 week journey that changed my life, and hopefully through the work I have done over the past year, many more.

The brilliant team at Royal North Shore Hospital identified some anomalies in my bloods that needed the amazing Liver Team at Royal Prince Alfred to diagnose and treat.

Blood transfusions and other treatments would be the order of the day for the next 16 days.

COVID LOCKDOWNS were in full effect and visits from family were few and far between as a result. I am so grateful to the nurses and doctors who kept me going and got me back on my feet.

As I head to my "Livervesary" I am reminded that we have a world class health system, with awesome people who care about every one of their patients.

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