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I might be annoying but Australia is sliding down the world Organ and Tissue Donation rankings.

I know I can be ANNOYING when it comes to Organ and Tissue Donation but so is needing dialysis while waiting for a kidney or dragging an oxygen tank around while waiting for a lung transplant.

The most annoying thing in life is being lost to or losing someone we love before we want it to happen.

Very few people die in a way that makes them suitable to become an organ donor. Just 1400 actually died the right way in 2022 to become lifesaving donor Heroes.

Sadly because many of the families didn’t know whether their loved one wanted to be a hero in death they said No when asked for next of kin consent.

Frustratingly, DonateLife spend millions on a register that is used as much to determine people who do not want to be donors as it is used to identify those that do. Just 38% of the amazing 454 Wonderful Donor Heroes were registered as donors. The rest of the Donor Heroes had families who knew that from tragedy and grief some hope and good can come.

Those 454 wonderful families and their loved ones saved over 1224 lives last year.

Of the 1300 families who were asked around 50 families went against their loved ones wishes and said no and around 540 other families said no because they didn’t know their loved ones wishes.

The most important thing everyone can do is tell their loved ones, whether when tragedy strikes and your mortal journey ends unexpectedly, that you want the to say YES when the hospital asks.

I understand that politicians are busy with many different challenges, and administrators have long term plans and goals. That doesn’t excuse any of them from blindly doing the same thing year after year.

Spending taxpayers money on expensive sports carnivals for recipients, sponsorship of professional sporting clubs and costly advertising campaigns promoting registration.

Especially when people’s families will be asked if they are registered or not what’s the lint of registration.

The money would be better spent on the messages contained in the latest ads from DonateLife encouraging families to discuss organ donation.

Efforts of Organisations like Zaidee’s and Jersey Day or the Donor Families Australia Donor Heroes Night and others get virtually nothing in the way of funding or short from the Authority. Yet tens of thousand of dollars are funneled to businesses masquerading as charities.

A federal review of messaging, treatment of community groups and distribution of funding is needed.

For some reason people don’t like questions being asked and are too ready with excuses for the systems and the rates of consent declining.

People have turned a blind eye to under performing activities.

Whilst well meaning and often passionate advocates have been dismissed and ignored.

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