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I’m forever Asking Questions

The board meeting for Transplant Australia is coming up very soon. Members have been asked to send questions.

Here are 10 questions I have asked.

1. In relation to concerns raised by me to the board & others what actions or investigations have been taken in regards to bullying & intimidation?

2. Are the board aware of any other concerns or complaints raised by other members past or present in relation to intimidation, bullying & or harassment?

3. If any other members feel they have been subjected to bullying, intimidation, harassment or are worried about the potential misuse of taxpayer & donated monies by anyone at Transplant Australia, can the Transplant Australia Board confirm that members will be protected by the provisions of Part 9.4AAA of the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act)if they bring their concerns forward?

4. If the Transplant Australia Constitution (section 5.3.e) sets a limit of 10 years for directors, how is it constitutionally possible that the CEO of more than 16 years is able to be a director?

5. As a cricket loving tragic, I am keen to use this great national sport as a vehicle to promote organ donation. I understand Transplant Australia had a cricket team established in the early 2000's which folded around in 2013. To the best of my knowledge the Australian Transplant Cricket Club (ATCC) is now disbanded, with former ATCC representatives being recipients and donor families voting to leave TA in 2013. For some 10 years Lucky Stars has been successful on and off field, run by volunteer recipients and donor families, members of CEG and a DonateLife Partner for the past 10 years must speak volumes for their organization, governance and transparency. I have made approaches to Transplant Sport Cricket in the UK but was referred to TA but when I approached the CEO , I was advised Cricket was a no go topic. Can the board please provide an overview of Transplant Australia's approach to using cricket as a way for Recipients and Donor Families or others on the Transplant Journey to enjoy an active lifestyle whilst promoting the benefits of Organ & Tissue Donation and Transplant Awareness?

6. How does Transplant Australia justify such a large portion of grants and donations paid out in salaries?

7. What is the net value generated to the transplant community from the grants and donations received during the reported financial year?

Where can the transplant community see the economic modelling?

Question for the Auditor (if present) otherwise the chair.

8. Why is it that your reported employee benefits expense to ACNC is significantly lower than the audited financial statements?

Question for the nomination committee

9. How many candidates did the nomination committee directly interview?

10. Where there any conflicts of interests either actual or perceived which arose during the nomination committees candidate selection review?

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