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I am not alone

Today I read a post of Facebook from the Founder of Zaidee's Rainbow 🌈 Foundation.

"Again we sadly inform Australia that our donation and transplant rates have once again going backwards from 2022 outcomes for the same period of time in the first 4 months of this year. With Victoria, NSW and Western Australia all have parliamentary inquirys about their state organ and tissue donation system, it clearly reflects its time for an Opt-Out system to be launched asap. Everyone knows it is the only way to go to stem the decline and drive some major community awareness campaigns to help increase our rates and save more lives. #zaideeslaw

Currently waiting list is 1863 people of whom could be up to 100 children listed - as we will never know as this data is not public and also does not included the hundreds if not thousands of others that need a transplant and are not listed in this one data figure currently."

Whilst Allan and I come to the Transplant Journey many years apart and from opposite sides of the tragic and joyous story, we share a lot in common.

We both know that doing the same thing and expecting a different result is just wasting taxpayer money and costing peoples lives.

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