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How can we save more lives?

One obvious way that more lives can be saved is through advances in medicine and medical technology.

Australia has a problem at the moment with declining Consent Rates and there is also what could be referred to as organ wastage due to medical and logistical issues in the current retrieval and Transplant process.

If this wastage can be reduced up to 35% more lives could be saved.

Last year in Australia, 1300 families were confronted with the tragic loss of a loved one in circumstances that made organ donation and the gift of life possible to save others.

701 families selflessly and compassionately gave the necessary next of kin support for their loved ones organs to be donated to save lives.

Only 454 of these individuals went on to be classified as deceased donors as for either a medical or logistical reason the organs of 247 people could not be used.

More research and development would improve this.

Since 1967, research has played an integral part in the success of clinical transplant programs across Australia and has the potential to improve patient outcomes across the world.

The journey over the last 50 years has seen progression in medications, immunosuppressants, medical care and our surgical abilities.

This research assists Liver and Kidney transplantation teams to provide excellent patient care resulting in exceptional results.

Financial support is needed to enable researchers to conduct high quality scientific and clinical research into prolonged and improved health for all transplant patients.

Research is undertaken by scientists and transplant clinicians working at RPA Hospital, the University of Sydney and The Children's Hospital at Westmead.

This could not be possible without the generosity of our supporters.

To make a donation to RPATI:

Phone: (02) 9515 1965

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