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How can governments and Pharmaceutical Companies help save more lives?

I recently visited with the Royal Prince Alfred Transplant Institute to understand how they are working to improve the viability of organs from deceased donors to save more lives through Transplants when families have given their #Nextofkinconsent.

I am now working to identify opportunities to raise important funds to support their ground breaking research.

By supporting research into measures that increase the number of transplants possible from the existing pool of donors, more recipients will receive life saving medical treatment.

In 2022 in Australia around 1700 people died in just the right circumstances to become organ donors. Of that number 1300 families were asked for Next of Kin consent to facilitate the gift of life through organ donation.


701 families say yes but due to medical and logistical problems only 454 made it through to become organ donors. With the right advancements in medical research this number could be increased by 30% meaning around 300-400 critically ill patients could have their lives saved through transplants.


Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Transplant Institute (RPATI) Transplantation Services at Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital are leaders in transplant surgery having performed kidney transplants since 1967 and liver transplants since 1986. The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Transplant Institute (RPATI) was established in 2006 to promote and support transplant related research projects, fund the purchase of vital equipment and improve education that will help to save the lives of many adults and children. Financial support from RPATI means researchers can conduct high quality scientific and clinical research into prolonged and improved health for all transplant patients. Research is undertaken by scientists and transplant clinicians working at RPA Hospital, the University of Sydney and The Children's Hospital at Westmead. This could not be possible without the generosity of our supporters.

I would like arrange a encourage every government and all pharmaceutical or medical technology companies, to explore sponsorship or research grants for a revolutionary new development in research to increase the viability of deceased individuals organs for use in lifesaving transplants.

Investing into saving lives through philanthropy is a positive step for any business.

If you read this and want to k kw more reach out.

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