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In May last year I met with the Lucinda Barry AM CEO of Australian Organ and Tissue Authority and others where I recounted my personal story and explained the advocacy I was passionate about.

One of the key points I made was the need to recognise the Deceased Donors and their families and the critical role they have in lifesaving organ donation and transplants.

Without Donor Families giving consent their can be no deceased organ donation.

I have been consistent in my advocacy across Australia to increase awareness of the fact that without a grieving family member giving consent, after learning that their loved one is never coming home, deceased organ donation is not possible.

I have offered The Organ and Tissue Authority (Donatelife) my services in many different capacities. Voluntarily in a pro bono manner, to do what I do across Australia and I have also offered my services as an employee of the Authority using my extensive experience and knowledge, loved experience and proven management skills. I even approached the CEO in April 2023 to address concerns that despite my proven track record, under no circumstances would I be considered for a role with the OTA. In a video call witnessed by two other people my concerns were confirmed by the CEO.

Despite the stance by the CEO in 2022 that Deceased Organ Donors should not be considered as Heroes, I am pleased to see this may have Changed.

If you have read this far all claims I make are supported by written evidence & can be collaborated by witnesses.

Gerardine (Ged) Kearney David Southwell #organdonation

DonateLife Team

It was a pleasure meeting you today.

As well as being “the luckiest” man alive, having had everything go right for me in receiving the gift of life through my transplant, I am acutely aware that I benefited from the amazing work of the highly skilled nursing and surgical staff at RPAH as well as the medical teams involved in the emergency department and ICU UNIT who managed the consent for and retrieval of my donor liver.

There is not or ever will be a day that passes where upon waking my thoughts and prayers don’t go out to the Donor’s Family and everyone who played a part in giving me a second chance. DonateLife and OTA included.

Whilst we enjoy an amazing program in Australia there will always room for improvement and it is my intention to advocate for improving Consent rates in every state and territory in Australia.

I will continue to enthusiastically petition Politicians, Administrators and media to celebrate the Hero Donors and their Families as well as the Heroes that form the End of Life, ICU, Retrieval and Transplant teams around the country.

I look forward to working with the NSW and other Donatelife offices as required for Donatelife Week in July.

In the mean time if there is any assistance I can provide you please let me know.

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