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COVID pandemic has finished- why haven’t trend’s improved?

The Pandemic is over and despite millions of dollars spent by the Australian government on ad campaigns to drive intent registration and sports carnivals,

2023 is tracking lower than 2017/18/19 & 20 for donations and Transplants.

Surely it’s ok to ask questions about where the money is spent and it’s effectiveness in helping Australians to understand, whether they register as a donor or not - their family will have the final say in whether their organs will be donated to save lives and for them to become a Donor Hero 🦸‍♀️ 💗

No family wants to become a Deceased Donor Family because it will mean they have lost someone they love.

Please talk to your family about Organ Donation and then pray 🙏 you never get asked to give #nextofkinconsent but if you do you will know what to say!

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