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Chains were Rattled and Trees Shaken. Not everyone will enjoy listening.

Rob Manning considers himself to be the luckiest man alive. When everything went catastrophically wrong he had everything that needed to happen, happen miraculously.

After being diagnosed with end-stage liver disease caused by an autoimmune condition and complicated by alcohol consumption, he spent 2 weeks in a coma over Christmas 2021 waking on 2 January 2022 with a new lease on life and the liver of a deceased person. This former executive had his life saved by a selfless and generous donation by a family at the lowest point of grief. A father of one married for 26 years, He now campaigns tirelessly to raise awareness about organ and tissue donation and life-saving transplants.

He wants the government to make it possible to celebrate deceased donors as heroes and make a contribution towards the funeral expenses of the deceased donors’ families.!

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