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"Navigating the 'Not Open' Enigma:

A Journey through Advocacy and Inclusion"

In my pursuit of clarity within the intricate realm of group memberships, the enigmatic phrase 'Not Open' has become a focal point.

Despite initial positive interactions with the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority (OTA) during my transplant journey, recent developments have raised questions about the transparency of the decision-making process.

I have engaged with the OTA on numerous occasions, receiving commendation for my outspoken approach. However, the shift in dynamics became apparent when my advocacy efforts, particularly in the establishment of the first Parliamentary Friends of Organ Donation and Transplant Awareness group in NSW, did not elicit the expected acknowledgment.

During subsequent discussions about potential promotional initiatives, such as featuring in the Service NSW app and reaching 5.2 million people via email, my proactive suggestions and this initiative were met with resistance from the OTA. This, despite contributing significantly to the national organ donor registration and fostering over 60,000 interactions with the DonateLife Website.

In offering my pro bono services to shape legislation in South Australia and facilitating discussions with policymakers in WA to secure exemptions for donor families, my commitment to the cause went unrecognised.

Reviewing my record, one would find that my advocacy has undeniably had a positive impact, even being recognised in federal Hansard.

Despite differences in perspectives, particularly regarding the messaging around the role of families in organ donation decisions and the recognition of deceased organ donors as heroes, a personal dimension has emerged. The explicit statement that there are no circumstances under which the current CEO would consider employing my expertise within the OTA implies a subjective stance.

Join me as we unravel the intricacies of the 'Not Open' status:

Decoding 'Not Open':

Is this phrase indicative of a closed group or a mere absence of vacancies? Delving into the nuances, we explore potential implications of discrimination, exclusion, or inadvertent favoritism within the community.

The Personal Element:

Could exclusivity be rooted in subjective opinions rather than numerical constraints? Examining potential biases within the OTA sheds light on a personal dimension to this mystery.

Observations about Recent Meetings:

Analysing attendance patterns at recent meetings reveals a persistence of exclusivity. Is this a deliberate choice, or are there underlying factors influencing the 'Not Open' status?

Anticipating the Next Chapter:

Optimism prevails despite the circumstances. With a track record of impactful advocacy, the anticipation for inclusion during the next membership review is palpable.


As we await a comprehensive clarification from Lucinda and the OTA, the 'Not Open' conundrum transforms into a narrative of resilience and curiosity. Stay tuned for updates as we navigate this intriguing membership saga.

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