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Can Australia still be blaming COVID when the numbers started declining in 2019?

Australia's Organ and Tissue experts continue to blame COVID for decline in Donation and #nextofkinconsent while USA and other countries continue to set records higher than pre pandemic.

The truth reflects that the decline in Australia started before COVID, when we peaked in 2018

When you look back at the last 4 years including the period prior to the pandemic and the period post the pandemic it is clear that the decline in consent rates started prior to the impact of COVID.

Yet countries around the world who were impacted by COVID as severely or worse than Australia have bounced back and are setting records.

Thankfully state parliaments are starting to look at this issue more closely and perhaps can see through the wall paper to see the cracks in reporting.

A Western Australia parliamentary committee heard from Allan Turner from Zaidee's Foundation, who made some excellent observations about how the landscape in Australia is not increasing #nextofkinconsent or donations.

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