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Calls for more BBQ chats as focus on registration still not moving the needle!

Kidney Health Australia is encouraging families and friends to host a BBQ to raise awareness for organ transplants.

By hosting a Big Red BBQ this January, YOU have the opportunity to start the conversation about better kidney health.  More importantly you will also start a conversation about organ and tissue donation.

Every single organ and tissue transplant in Australia needs consent. With living donors this consent is provided by the living donors after long consultation and counseling processes. In the case of deceased donors this consent must be provided by the next of kin.

Next of kin consent is sought in situations where a loved one's journey has ended, but their physical being is supported by machines in hospital. Whilst every care is taken by extremely professional staff in addressing the end of life reality with families, the shock of losing a loved one is overwhelming and emotions can make it difficult to see how any good can come from an horrific loss.

For too many families who tragically find themselves in this situation it will be the first time they will have been asked to consider donating their loved ones organs and tissues to save other people's lives.

We all hope we are never going to be in a position to be confronted with a sudden loss of a loved one and we would hope if it ever happened to us we would know what to say and do.

Even if you don't get around to registering your intention to be an organ donor, tell your loved ones if saving other people's lives is something you would want if the circumstances ever arise.

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