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Australia v USA

I’m no statistician but - Based on Australia’s population - 26,000,000 v USAs population 330,000,000 - Australia would need to have conducted nearly 3000 transplants to achieve a par score verse the nearly 40000 achieved in USA in 2022.

We reached 1224.

At around 3 transplants per deceased donor we would have needed 1000 deceased donors.

1300 families were asked to consent to donate their loved ones’ organs.

599 families said no.

701 families said yes. But 247 of these deceased persons didn’t become donors for logistical & medical reasons.

At around 3 transplants per deceased person that meant 741 transplants didn’t happen.

If Australia can achieve 75% #nextofkinconsent rates we could reach 2,925 transplants in 2023 or 2024

We need to focus on Next of Kin Consent!

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