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Australia is slipping Backwards!

I know how lucky I was to receive my transplant because it happened in a year of decline in Australian.

There were 24 fewer liver transplants (9% down), 36 fewer heart transplants (24% down on 2020), and 9 fewer pancreas transplants (19% down on 2020)

Next of Kin Consent was also at a low point at just 56%!

Money is being spent on advertising campaigns and sporting sponsorships on registration numbers but little is being done to explain to and educate people on why it is so important to speak to your family.

It is not just a courtesy you extend to your loved ones.

It is necessary, as it is your loved ones who need to SAY YES for you to become an organ donor. Even if you register, your family still need to give NEXT OF KIN CONSENT for lives to be saved when yours has ended.

We are obviously not on the right path when donations per million people in Australia has also fallen from 21 to just 16 donations per million.

By comparison the USA and Spain are both over 40 donations per million.

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