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Amazing things happen when grateful recipients want to make the most of the second chance.

When a group of strangers whose only real common interest was competing at the World Transplant Gamess came together an amazing thing happened.

They realised there was a lot more to each of their stories that they had in common but also how much they could learn from each other.

All of our stories are unique and when shared will help others on the Transplant journey and will raise awareness amongst our own local communities and across Australia.

I look forward to sharing links to these podcasts as they become available and hope that DonateLife and Transplant Australia give credit where credits due and get behind this amazing recipient generated initiative.

Aaron Williams has a great story of his own to tell but also has a disarming way of drawing out wonderful stories and helpful experiences from others. These stories will shed light on the unique and inspiring journeys of a wide range of truly diverse Aussies.

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