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Amazing people doing amazing things!

The more I reach out to people on the Transplant Journey, the more amazing people I meet doing amazing things to support others on the Transplant Journey.

I share my stories on various social media platforms and across multiple Transplant groups to raise awareness and generate positive ideas for how the transplant journey can be made easier for everyone.

In NSW I reached out to as many different organisations and individuals who were involved in efforts to improve the quality of life for all people in the transport journey and was overwhelmed by the number of volunteers and staff who were willing to go above and beyond to assist others.

The result was the formation of the Parliamentary Friendship Group for Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplant Awareness.

This group of people from politicians, board members, employees and volunteers represented all paths of the journey.

I have met with Medical staff who have been involved in saving my life and the lives of many others. Members of Parliament from all walks of life or were General Practitioners and Physicians before entering politics. Board members who represent the putter inners and the keeper inners, grateful recipients who know how lucky we are and donor families to whom we recipients are thankful consented to gift of life when their loved ones journey was over.

To a person they all expressed a desire to make the journey for all a better on and an ambition to save more lives.

I have conversed with wonderful people from governments, charities and not for profit groups in all states and territories across Australia. People in cities, towns and remote communities experiencing different stages of the Transplant process and all wanting more for others than themselves.

These people provide me with motivation and their selflessness inspires me to do more. So to everyone I have met and worked with so far on my short journey I want to say thank you.

I will continue to learn, advocate and drive for improvement across the country as I work with as many wonderful individuals to help make a difference.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE Amazing people doing amazing things!

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