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Action is needed.

Something needs to change very soon or more people are going to die!

Despite millions spent on Ad campaigns and sporting events encouraging Australians to register their intent to donate their organs when they die, #nextofkinconsent rates in Australia are not improving.

The Australian Government recently spent $1.6million on the World Transplant Games yet deceased donor rates in Australia are still below the rates of 2017/18/19 and 20.

Other similar countries around the world have bounced back after COVID setting records in 2022.

The UK recognise deceased donors with the Order if St John Medal.

This month in Australia we have Donor Heroes Donor Heroes Night - FREE EVENT

It is every Australian’s opportunity to leave a light in for a deceased Donor Hero and to have a conversation with their own family.

It can be a chance to talk about whether when Tragedy Strikes, they would say yes to DonateLife when asked to give consent to their loved ones organs being donated to save strangers. Then pray you never get asked.

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