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A new week - New hope.

I am starting this week with hope.

Thursday is Donor Heroes Night - FREE EVENT

A night when Australian’s are asked to leave a light on in honour of the Deceased Donor Heroes and their families who gave their #nextofkinconsent so that in death, their loved ones could save the lives of complete strangers.

At a time of crisis & grief amazing mothers, fathers and other family members find the compassion and love to give the gift of life to people they may never know or meet.

The number of lives that are saved and changed through this amazingly beautiful and selfless act is truly immeasurable and should be celebrated and recognised for the significance of heroism and generosity with an award like the UK recognise their Donor Heroes.

Sadly - In the new federal budget the Organ and Tissue Authority is set to receive $57m a year in taxpayer money.

At the current rate of #nextofkinconsent that is over $1,005,000 per percentage point of consent.

Or approximately $125,550 per deceased donor.

This amount doesn’t included any of the cost of medical treatment or care for patients.

$57m is the amount of money that will be spent on bureaucratic and administrative costs.

The cost of recognising our deceased donor heroes would be a fraction of the money spent by DonateLife yet would have resounding consequences for increasing the number of families who would say yes when asked to give their consent at a time of grief.

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