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A Living Miracle on a Transplant Journey

🌟 Rob Manning: A Living Miracle on a Transplant Journey 🌟

Transplant Advocacy, led by Rob Manning, a forever grateful recipient of a life-saving organ transplant, is emerging as Australia's premier advocacy group for everyone on the Transplant Journey. 🇦🇺

When things went catastrophically wrong for him, he had everything miraculously right. 🙏

Rob attributes his miracle to many different factors and people. The hero donor, whose own life had come to a tragic end, became the beacon of hope. His donor's loving and compassionate family, who made the selfless decision to give the gift of life. The incredible medical care at RPAH and Royal North Shore Hospital. His own unwavering family support and his faith.

Since his Pro Bono Advocacy Journey began just days after his transplant, Rob has forged strong relationships with governments, politicians, clinicians, and administrators across Australia. He has assisted multiple charities and nonprofit groups, furthering their efforts and exerting significant influence on policy decisions and the formation of legislation and amendments in multiple jurisdictions.

Remarkably, Transplant Advocacy has achieved all this without financial support from state or federal governments, making waves at both state and federal levels to raise awareness and advocate for much-needed changes in organ and tissue donation legislation.

His dedication has not gone unnoticed, as he has received nominations for Australia Day Honours and the Westfield Local Heroes Award.

Rob's passion drives him, stemming from a visit from his deceased father while he was in a coma. His father's words served as a profound mission, echoing in his ears.

"Rob," his father said, "when you get out of this, and you will, you have a job to do! You're not 6 feet tall and bulletproof, so see your GP and tell everyone you know to do the same."

His father continued, "You also need to tell people about Organ and Tissue Donation and that they must let their families know they want them to say yes if ever faced with the decision."

His parting message was a solemn charge: "Rob, you have to work with the politicians to change the laws and do what you can to spread the message through communication and education."

When Rob asked him who he should speak to, his father simply said, "You're a smart kid; you'll work it out."

Join us in supporting Transplant Advocacy in their mission to save lives and raise awareness. It starts with you. 🌐

Learn more about his incredible work at

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