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Are Australian Organ and Tissue Authority suffering from Goodharts law?

"When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure".

The focus on the number of people registering their intent to be an organ donor has become a target of almost single focus by DonateLife.

Taxpayer funds have been channeled into expensive advertising campaigns and sponsorships to encourage people to add their name to the national register whilst the key message of Next of Kin consent runs as an afterthought.

Without NEXT OF KIN CONSENT a deceased organ donor’s intent can not be acted on. Being a registered organ donor is no guarantee your organs will ever save another’s life when your mortal journey ends.

In every case where a life of a person in the care of a hospital ends, Next of Kin consent must be given to enable the gift of life through organ & tissue donation.

More need to be done to encourage families to have the conversation about the gift of life long before tragedy strikes.

Legislation, Education and communication needs to change.

Hospital policies, procedures and practices need to be standardised across Australia & the laws around organ and tissue donation & transplants need to be harmonised.

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