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3 Promises

There are not many things in life that are guaranteed.

The old adage of Death & Taxes springs to mind.

There are 3 things I can guarantee after my near death experience and miraculous recovery after catastrophic organ failure and a life saving transplant.

The First Guarantee

Nobody is getting out of life alive.

The fact that we all will die is an easy guarantee for someone to make. However the reality is we rarely get to chose when and how we end our mortal journey but our mortal journey will definitely end.

The Second Guarantee

Every Person will lose someone they love or will be lost to someone who loves them before we are ready to say goodbye.

The moment we learn a loved one's journey has come to an end will always come before we want it to.

The Third Guarantee

The act of organ donation is 100% painless for the donor as their mortal journey has already ended. If you are being asked to consider donating a loved one's organs to save the lives of strangers, it will mean that your loved one is no longer in pain, no matter what caused them to be in this situation.

At the time families are asked to give their Consent, their loved one will have been assessed by compassionate medical carers who have determined there is nothing more that can be done to bring them back. THEY ARE NOT IN ANY PAIN.

The pain will be felt by those who are left behind. The pain of loss will cut deep. In that moment families of a loved one whose heart beats because of machines must make a decision about whether they will give hope and life to others, whilst they themselves must mourn.

If you have talked about organ donation with your loved ones in the comforting surrounds of a family gathering or even a passing conversation the decision in the critical moments will be made less difficult . Knowing whether any of your loved ones or for them know whether you would want to be a Donor Hero will be something no one will ever forget when they are told.

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